How much is CCTV and will I need to replace it?

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Enquiring about the cost of CCTV is a bit like asking a car supermarket the same question about cars. At least with cars you have an idea about the number of seats, body style, economy, service intervals, gadgets and warranty. You may want a cheap run around for a few years or the last word in form, function, performance and luxury.

Entry level CCTV systems start from a few hundred pounds for four cameras and a monitor and can be bought online or in electrical stores for self installation. Above this, depending upon the installation ethic you require, a few hundred pounds per camera up to as much as £9000 per camera, installed are available. In terms of recording devices, £300 to £30,000 reflects the disparity in the market place.

Some budgets dictate only the best will do and some manufacturers respond by designing and building their equipment to last ten years with warranty provision for five. Matched with a good installation ethic and CCTV maintenance program, this provides you with a system that can last ten years easily.

Buy a system with a one-year warranty and entry level installation ethic and you can expect to replace it in around three years. There are plenty of organisations where the deterrent factor alone of a CCTV system has solved their immediate problems.

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